The Georgia Pharmacy Association

PharmPAC helps elect candidates who think like you do. Coupled with our annual legislative events it allows GPhA to tackle the important policy issues pharmacists face, and we make a difference for you.

The PharmPAC Board of Directors:

David B. Graves, chair
Charles W. Barnes
Wes Chapman
Mahlon Davidson
Mac McCord
Fred F. Sharpe
Sharon M. Sherrer

Greg Reybold, staff liaison (

GPhA works at the local, state, and even federal level, leading the way in influencing pharmacy-related legislation. PharmPAC investment powers that work. PharmPAC helps us elect legislators who are pharmacy-friendly. Let’s be clear here: PharmPAC protects your practice.

We ask you to invest in the PAC because it protects the long-term health of pharmacy in Georgia. It doesn’t even have to be much: The equivalent of a cup of cheap coffee a day — let’s call it $30 a month — can make a huge difference in our lobbying efforts.

Investors in PharmPAC understand the importance of this to their business, and they make financial commitments of support.

Support PharmPAC

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Got questions? Contact Greg Reybold: or (404) 419-8118.