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CDC flu site

The Centers for Disease Control has released a super-handy flu microsite, offering what you need to know this flu season. The microsite includes a rundown of flu symptoms – including how to distinguish a cold from the flu – and some timely advice on flu prevention. Don’t forget to check out the site’s Q and A section. If you’re integrating flu vaccinations into your pharmacy practice, you’re going to be asked these questions.

When Georgia’s new immunization took effect in 2015, it didn’t mean pharmacists could suddenly hang a sign, “Get your shingles vaccine today!” There are specific requirements in the law that need to be followed.

Here you’ll find the latest information and documents to help you understand and comply with the law.

Immunization Compliance Kit

Working with our attorney, Greg Reybold, GPhA has created a sample Immunization Compliance Kit (link below) to assist its members with compliance under Georgia’s new immunization law.

There are two sets of these sample documents: One is in PDF format, one in Microsoft Word format. GPhA recommends you review and, if circumstances require it, revise based upon your professional judgment and/or professional advice you obtain.

Please note that these templates and checklists are for use by dues-paying GPhA members ONLY. Use by pharmacists or organizations that are not GPhA members violates GPhA’s copyright, and may result in legal action.

You must be a GPhA member to access or use the Compliance Kit. Not a member? Why not fix that oversight? Click here to learn the benefits of membership and to join today.

Greg Reybold Explains

GPhA attorney Greg Reybold explains what the new immunization law means in this video created by GPhA and Kroger:

More information

The Text of the Law. You can click here to view the actual text of the law. Note that it will not be updated with new language until after July 1, 2015.

Georgia Immunization Registry (GRITS)

Click here for the GRITS FAQ (PDF).

Click here to login to GRITS.

Click here for the GRITS registry.