The Georgia Pharmacy Association

The Georgia Pharmacy Foundation

The Georgia Pharmacy Foundation exists to support pharmacy practice innovation and GPhA’s education mission.

The foundation serves practicing pharmacists, technicians, and student pharmacists through professional educational programs, and it connects pharmacists to the general public through public information and awareness campaigns. Foundation-funded research supports advocacy efforts that keep legislators, media, and other policy influencers informed about how pharmacists can help improve health outcomes in Georgia.

The foundation’s mission includes a philanthropic component: Student pharmacists benefit from foundation-supported scholarships. And all GPhA members benefit through the foundation’s financial underwriting of continuing-education programs.

Click here for the Georgia Pharmacy Foundation bylaws (amended September 2015).

Operation Firm Foundation

Operation Firm Foundation is the Georgia Pharmacy Foundation’s tiered giving program. It’s an easy but oh-so-effective way to support GPhA’s educational initiatives. We call the program Operation Firm Foundation for a reason: Your monthly support provides a solid base of education-related funding.

To be sustainable, our educational programs need that predictable, strong, reliable funding.

The benefits from Operation Firm Foundation are wide, we’ve made signing up easy. Just click on the link below and choose one of three levels: $10, $25, or $50 a month.

We’ve kept these amounts small so most people won’t really “feel” their monthly deduction — but you’d better believe it adds up to accomplish great things.

Click here to sign up to Operation Firm Foundation and support our educational initiatives. Together, we can change the way we think about pharmacy in Georgia.

The Georgia Pharmacy Foundation’s Four Goals

Professional education and development

Awarding student scholarships, providing financial assistance to attend convention, and offering continuing education programs for pharmacists — as well as supporting the LeadershipGPhA program to attract and develop the best and brightest in Georgia pharmacy.

A helping hand

Offering PharmAssist, the foundation’s recovery network for pharmacy professionals, which supports pharmacists, students, and technicians who are struggling with substance abuse issues.

Consumer awareness

Funding research on the financial benefits of pharmacists’ role in healthcare to show the public what we already know: the full and true value of pharmacists as part of the medical team.


Invest in entrepreneurs and startups that are developing tools and products that can advance the entire profession, or provide tools to make a pharmacy — or a pharmacist — more efficient.

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A vital part of the Georgia Pharmacy Foundation’s mission is to provide scholarships to students enrolled in approved schools and colleges of pharmacy in order to further their education.

Regina Baird Scholarship

Annually, two students from each of the four Georgia pharmacy schools are awarded $1,000 each. These are exemplary students who have been chosen by a faculty committee at each of the schools of pharmacy.

Carlton Henderson Scholarship

One student from each of the four Georgia pharmacy schools is selected annually to receive $1,000 for the Carlton Henderson Scholarship. The Scholarship recipients are exemplary students who are selected by a faculty committee at each of the schools of pharmacy.

Harold B. Hodgson, Jr., R.Ph., Leadership Scholarship

This is a new scholarship and is sponsored by the GPhA Council of Presidents. The scholarship is named for Harold B. Hodgson, Jr. who was a long-time leader in Georgia pharmacy and exemplified certain qualities such as honesty, integrity, caring and a passion for working to improve the profession of pharmacy and the quality of life of his patients. His accomplishments are legendary and his impact on pharmacy in Georgia is immeasurable. The scholarship will be awarded to a student pharmacist who exhibits strong leadership qualities and a desire to be actively involved in the pharmacy profession. In order to qualify, a recipient must demonstrate a willingness to follow the example set by Harold B. Hodgson, Jr.

Neil L. Pruitt, Sr., Entrepreneurial Scholarship

This scholarship is unrestricted and will be given annually to one student at each of the four Georgia pharmacy schools. Each recipient will receive $1,000. The students will be selected by a faculty committee at each of the schools of pharmacy. The recipients are exemplary students who have demonstrated entrepreneurial abilities.

PharmAssist PRN Scholarship

Students who are interested in learning more about the Pharmacy Recovery Network and the disease of addiction can apply for a scholarship made available by the PharmAssist Committee. The amount of the scholarship is determined by the Committee. Funds are used to help send students to the week-long class held at the University of Utah School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies.

To donate to the Georgia Pharmacy Foundation, please click here. Thank you in advance for your donation!