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The Georgia Pharmacy Association is the organization for Georgia pharmacy professionals who care about their pharmacy practice, the health of their patients, and their own careers.

GPhA provides legislative and political advocacy, information services and professional development to more than 10,000 Georgia pharmacists. We’re the collective voice for pharmacy in Georgia, and our voice is louder with you as a member.

GPhA Buzz by Andrew Kantor

Doug Collins in the 21st Century (bill)!

Did you know that language from Georgia Representative Doug Collins’s Comprehensive Justice and Mental Health Act — which calls for “supporting mental health courts and intervention teams and increasing training for law enforcement officers who are often the first to engage individuals with mental health conditions” — has made it into the 21 Century Cures Act? Now you do.

Andrew Kantor • December 2, 2016

Aspirin remains a wonder drug

But why don’t more people take it? A new study sees the long-term health benefits, and one expert laments that aspirin use isn’t more common.

“Eight-one milligrams of this compound every day reduces the death rate of cancer by 30 percent, heart disease by 22 percent and stroke by 17 percent.”

Andrew Kantor • December 2, 2016

Food-allergy shocker

Just because someone says he’s allergic to something doesn’t mean he actually is. So we don’t know how many people actually have food allergies. FYI: GPhAbuzz is gluten-free.

Andrew Kantor • December 2, 2016

Fulton County, let’s talk

First, good news about obesity, smoking, and the flu — you’re well below the national average. But we should talk about your sky-high HIV and opioid-overdose rates, shouldn’t we? (The latter is more than twice the national average.)

Andrew Kantor • December 2, 2016

Insurers are using higher co-pays to deter patients

If you’re sick and need an expensive drug, insurers would prefer you didn’t choose their policies, thankyouverymuch. So they’re raising the co-pays on plans available through insurance marketplaces.

“In the four years that the marketplaces have existed, plans requiring consumers to pay roughly a third or more of the cost of specialty drugs have expanded to 63 percent of all offerings from 37 percent.”

Andrew Kantor • December 2, 2016

Good news, America

You may still be overweight, but your cholesterol level is going down. Why? The war on trans-fats, probably.

Andrew Kantor • December 2, 2016

On a slow news day, there’s always Zika

Texas joins Florida as the second state with a locally transmitted case. Zika apparently causes glaucoma in children, too. Radiologists are warned that Zika may be hard to detect in pregnant women. That in more in today’s update.

Andrew Kantor • December 2, 2016

It’s beginning to look a lot like…your last chance to support PharmPAC this year

Good news: PharmPAC is on the verge of its biggest fundraising year ever. We’re projecting we’ll hit $135,000 by December 31 – money PharmPAC spends in supporting candidates who think like you do about pharmacy and your patients.

Better news: More than one-third of GPhA member pharmacists have already invested in PharmPAC this year, our highest participation rate ever.

Disappointed sigh: There are still about two-thirds of you who haven’t paid your 2016 “political insurance premium” by investing in PharmPAC. If you’re one of those, there’s still time this year: Go to the PharmPAC page on our website to make your investment. Or call us at 404-231-5074 and invest by phone. Takes about three minutes. Even a token $25 helps. And for those of you in an established pharmacy practice, please consider making a $100 or $250 investment, and we’ll list your name in our January issue of Georgia Pharmacy magazine.  It’s the least you can do to protect your profession and the patients you serve.

Thank you!

Scott Brunner • December 2, 2016

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Opportunities to Engage by Phil Ratliff

GPhA’s Practical Skills Refresher Courses are back! Sign up today!

Practical solutions for those who are stressed about the Practical Skills Exam.

[Read it!]

November 18, 2016 • Phil Ratliff

Need last minute CPE hours? Get them with our Senior Care webinar series, starting on December 1!

Assisted living facilities, nursing homes, dialysis centers, and other healthcare institutions need effective medication therapies suitable to both short- and long-term management of senior patients. We explore these topics and more in our three-part December webinar series, Caring for Senior Patients.

Join pharmacist and entrepreneur Richard Marasco as he looks how pharmacists can be a part of a healthcare team focused on the senior care niche.

The Caring for Senior Patients series begins on December 1 with Senior Care is Everywhere: Managing Common Conditions Seen in the Elderly. It continues on December 8 with I’m Having a Senior Moment: Managing Memory and Mood Issues in Seniors. We close out the series on December 15 with Slips, Trips, Bumps and Falls: Managing Medication Related Problems in Seniors.

We’re offering each session of the senior care series for $20, though our CPEasy series. Go to to register and for more information.

November 18, 2016 • Phil Ratliff

Last chance for immunization certification training in 2016!

Pharmacists: If you aren’t administering immunizations, you’re missing an opportunity to not only expand your practice, but to help move the needle on immunization rates in Georgia.

Delivering healthcare where patients are — that’s why we’ve brought back our popular APhA immunization certification course for one last time in 2016.

You’ve got to hurry! We’re offering APhA’s Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery certificate training program, 13th Edition on December 11 in GPhA’s Sandy Springs classroom. It’s one of our most popular courses, so you’ll want to register now to guarantee a spot.

APhA’s Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery certificate training program earns participants a total of 20 hours of CPE and costs just $349 for GPhA members. (Non-members pay $519, which includes a GPhA membership.)

Get all the details at and register ASAP!

November 18, 2016 • Phil Ratliff

• Quick DSME lunchtime webinar

• Special GPhA Offer! Subscribe to Pharmacy Library for just $225

• Our MTM/Diabetes certification courses won’t be back until 2017

• Expand your clinical services with DSME accreditation

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