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The Georgia Pharmacy Association is the organization for Georgia pharmacy professionals who care about their pharmacy practice, the health of their patients, and their own careers.

GPhA provides legislative and political advocacy, information services and professional development to more than 10,000 Georgia pharmacists. We’re the collective voice for pharmacy in Georgia, and our voice is louder with you as a member.

GPhA Buzz by Andrew Kantor

You don’t look a day over 136

Happy birthday, GPhA — 141 years old today!

Andrew Kantor • October 20, 2016

Two odd bits of health news

Looking at other people’s selfies might be bad for your health (because they look so darned happy).

An emotional support duck on a North Carolina flight gets a bit of Internet fame.

Andrew Kantor • October 20, 2016

Chicago may require licenses for opioid sales reps

Chicago is considering licensing pharma reps who peddle opioids — it would require them to keep records of who they called on, what they tried to sell, what samples they provided, and if they gave any gifts.

Also: Go Cubbies!

Andrew Kantor • October 20, 2016

Pandemic practice in Newnan

The Coweta County Health Department held a test run for drive-through vaccinations in the event of a pandemic. (Flu shots being a stand-in for smallpox or anthrax.)

Andrew Kantor • October 20, 2016

No applause, please

The rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis infections in the U.S. rose sharply in 2015 over the year before. And guess which Peach State ranks #1 in the country for syphilis infections?

Andrew Kantor • October 20, 2016

Vermont looks to limit the number of opioid pills docs can prescribe

The governor of Vermont has a rather simple idea for fighting the opioid epidemic: legally limiting the number of painkillers that can be prescribed.

“Under the proposal, the severity and duration of pain would be used to determine the specific limit for a prescription of opioids. For example, for a minor procedure producing moderate pain, a provider would be limited to prescribing nine to 12 opioid painkiller pills, depending on the medication. The limits would be higher for more complicated procedures, and there would be exceptions for the treatment of severe pain.”

Bonus quote: “We didn’t have a heroin crisis in America before OxyContin was approved and started being handed out like candy.”

Andrew Kantor • October 20, 2016

Next: flying pigs

Rhinovirus expert: “There will never be a vaccine for rhinovirus — it’s just not possible.”

Emory researcher: “Challenge accepted.”

Result: “Scientists think the common cold may at last be beatable.

Andrew Kantor • October 20, 2016

Open enrollment is coming, so get your info NOW

GPhA has some terrific insurance services for independent pharmacies, but we know you’ve got questions.

Get the answers — and learn which insurance options are right for you and your practice — with these webinars. Remember, open enrollment begins October 24.

For either of these webinars call in to (866) 308-5347 and use participant code 3993560891.

OCTOBER 25: Easy Ways to Improve My Bottom Line with Insurance Options
At 8:00 a.m. join in at:

OCTOBER 27: The Value of HR Management
At 8:00 a.m. join in at:

Questions? Contact GPhA’s Denis Mucha at or (404) 419-8120.

(Never done a webinar like this? Test it out at

Andrew Kantor • October 20, 2016

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Opportunities to Engage by Phil Ratliff

We’re taking registrations for our December CPEasy webinar series on senior care

Join us in December for our CPEasy webinar series on senior care.

[Read it!]

October 13, 2016 • Phil Ratliff

Registration for our November 20 symposium for women in pharmacy is underway

On November 20, leadership and communication expert Dr. Jan Flynn will be at GPhA headquarters to present strategies for women in the pharmacy world, helping them be their best as coworkers, practitioners, and managers. The name of the all-day event is Rising to the Top: A Leadership Symposium for Women in Pharmacy. Think of it as a deep dive into leadership issues women are facing.

Rising to the Top kicks off on November 20 at 9 am, and costs $200 for members. The nonmember cost of $375 includes a GPhA membership good through August 31, 2017. Go to to register and to find out more.

October 13, 2016 • Phil Ratliff

Protect your practice with these webinars on fraud and abuse

Protecting your practice from fraud and abuse is one of your biggest concerns. That’s why we’re bringing you our November webinar series Reducing Fraud and Abuse Risk in Pharmacies.

We kick off November 3 with The False Claims Act and Pharmacies — it tells pharmacists how to lower the risk of an FCA investigation or liability.

We continue on November 10 with Pharmacies and Their Relationships with Prescribing Physicians and Beneficiaries — it helps pharmacists structure their relationships with physicians according to the Physician Self-Referral law.

We conclude on November 17 with Confronting Drug Diversion. — learn the pertinent DEA rules and regulations, and the steps you need to take to stem drug diversion.

Three timely, informative webinars. Each starts at 7:30 and costs just $20. To find out more, go to

October 13, 2016 • Phil Ratliff

• Last chance for immunization certification training in 2016!

• Register today for APhA’s immunization certification training course on December 11

• This December: a three-part series on senior care

• Women in pharmacy: Join us on November 20 for a leadership symposium

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