The Georgia Pharmacy Association
By Andrew Kantor

February 20-21, 2018

Feds consider prosecuting pharmacists, Amazon enters OTC market, Rite Aid and Albertson's hook up, FluMist prepares a comeback, and more....

February 19, 2018

The facts about the autism test, peanut allergy treatment, legislative update , latest flu numbers, and more....

February 16, 2018

Slow news day, but we've got an explanation of the contradictory flu headlines, plus Aetna fires back at critics, and a little more....

February 14, 2018

Using light to kill flu in public places, a pacemaker for the brain, meth makes a comeback, rural hospital support passes House committee, and more....

February 15, 2018

Fecal transplants, bird flu, Alzheimer's breakthrough, Georgia counties suing over opioids, and more....

By Greg Reybold

Legislative Update: Week 6 (February 20)

Several new bills were introduced, including one that would limit dextromethorphan purchases to people over 25, and one that would expand the OTC tests pharmacists can assist with.

Legislative Update: Week 5 (Feb. 13)

Week 5 of Georgia’s 2018 legislative session saw several pharmacy-related bills introduced and others, previously introduced, begin to make their way through the legislative process. GPhA has had an active session already, supporting several bills and also offering feedback on bills that are problematic for pharmacists and/or patients.

Legislative Update: Week 4 (Feb. 9)

Five new bills were introduced, all interesting but none Earth-shattering. Several previous bills have moved out of committee as well, and we're tracking them all.

Legislative Update: Week 3 (Jan. 29)

The first busy week of the year includes introduction of bills creating a Commission on Substance Abuse and Recovery, changing marijuana laws, providing treatment to people convicted of drug offenses, and more.

Update: January 15, 2018

An overview of the session from the first few days, including Georgia Healthcare Reform Task Force, the Rural Development Council, and of course our Pharmacists at the Capitol events
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