The Georgia Pharmacy Association


You’re a pharmacist, student pharmacist, pharmacy technician — maybe you even own your own pharmacy (or several).

You’re a Georgian (probably), but do you live in the north or south? City or rural?

We’re one big GPhA, but we also have ways to work and connect just for you.

Your profile

Your member profile tells us a bit about you, and it lets us be sure to send you the information you need — and not the messages you don’t. Check it out and be sure it’s up to date.

Practice academies

Do you work at a pharmacy or own it? Is it part of a hospital or health system? A chain or an independent. GPhA realizes that each practice setting has different needs, so we have practice academies. The idea is to help you connect with other pharmacy professionals facing the same issues and challenges you are.

Joining is free — so check out our three academies, choose yours, and connect with other members. (Heck, maybe even volunteer to help it grow.)

GPhA regions

Let’s not forget geography. No matter your practice setting, it’s always good to connect with folks like you from your neck of the woods. That’s why GPhA has 12 regions. (Despite rumors, there is no secret Region 13 leading the revolution.)

Twice a year, GPhA members from those regions (and even some non-members) get together for dinner and an update on our advocacy efforts, sometimes with guest speakers and even CPE credit. Find your region, reach out to your region president, and watch your mailbox for opportunities to get involved.

Educational offerings

From our on-demand, low-priced CPEasy courses ($20 each!) to bigger events like seminars, certification classes, and the annual Georgia Pharmacy Convention, there are always educational opportunities available. Bonus: Not only are they taught by some of the best pharmacy pros in the area, they’re on the kinds of timely topics you need to keep your practice up to date.


Our daily blog has the most interesting Georgia-related pharmacy and health news (and sometimes a little more), plus the latest info about GPhA happenings.

Got questions?

We’re here to answer them. The easiest way to reach us is by dropping an e-mail to or Or you can check out our staff listing if there’s someone specific you’re trying to get in touch with.