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GPhA Insurance Services

GPhA members have access to a wide array of insurance products at deep discounts. We have health plans for small businesses (for owners and employees), we have business insurance (liability, workers comp, and more), we have personal policies (auto, renters, home, even boat and motorcycle).

Take advantage of a great member perk. Check out the policies GPhA offers and compare them to what you can find on your own. We think you’ll be surprised.

Important notes for 2018:

1. GPhA is not offering individual health insurance policy quotes for 2018. The market has become too restrictive, and carriers and policies differ county by county. If you need individual health insurance, you must go to

  • the exchange;
  • an independent agent specializing in individual policies; or
  • directly to the carrier website offering policies in their county.

(Keep in mind that tax breaks for many individuals have increased, so the actual cost for policies may be less than last year and lower than you expect. Compare policies!)

2. For other GPhA insurance, open enrollment is from November 6 to Friday, December 8, 2017 for medical plans and other voluntary products.

If you already have insurance through GPhA, you must complete and return your employee data information before you can enroll. Open enrollment is absolutely over at the end of business on Friday, December 9th.

For any questions about GPhA insurance products, contact Denis Mucha, our manager of member services, at or (404) 419-8120. He can explain the details, help you choose the right kinds of policy, and provide all the information you need.

Remember: All GPhA members, including students, are eligible for our voluntary insurance products!

Health insurance products for pharmacist owners

As a business owner, you may want or need to provide health insurance options for your employees and yourself. You may also be looking for other types of professional or personal coverage.

With our partners, GPhA offers one-stop shopping for a range of insurance and business services for you and your practice., with personal, customized service through our on-staff insurance professional.

Through our business relationships with companies like J. Smith Lanier, StaffMetrix HR, Meadowbrook, HPSO, and others, we offer independent pharmacy practices and owners a total solution for almost any professional, business property, medical insurance, or retirement plan situation you might encounter.

We offer quality products and services from dependable, experienced companies that provide value to our members and their families. We provide consultation you can trust, and we can help take away the headaches of finding the kinds of coverage that meets your business or personal needs.

Your goal is to help patients. Our goal is to help you.

We have four options for pharmacist owners looking to offer health insurance (and possibly other products) to their employees:

» The PEO option: comprehensive insurance, payroll, and HR services

Our best and most comprehensive option, GPhA’s PEO provides not only the lowest health insurance premiums of any of our insurance products, but includes a host of critical business services: Payroll processing, human resources handling, and more.

(For more details on the PEO plan, click here to see our dedicated page,

* Must be employer-paid

In order to get the lowest rates available, you must join the PEO and have it handle your payroll administration.

In the three years we have offered the PEO plan, the average premium increase has been only 2.66%! New groups should contact Denis Mucha at (404) 419-8120 or for information about the program and enrollment materials.


Worth considering

Most pharmacies like the idea of having a professional organization handling their payroll and HR administration, but if you prefer to handle your payroll and accounting yourself, you need to look at the small-group health option below.

» The Administrative Services Only option: “PEO lite” — health insurance and payroll services

This provides the same medical benefits as the PEO, also requires payroll administration, but fewer HR services.

For more details on the ASO and PEO plans, click here to see our dedicated page,


In order to get the lowest rates available, you must join the ASO and have it handle your payroll administration.

» The Broker Services option: health insurance only

If you aren’t looking for a full payroll and HR package, and you just want to provide your employees with options for health coverage, GPhA can help you find a small-group plan at a significant savings over shopping directly with carriers.


Worth considering

Small group rates most often are not as competitive as the rates in the PEO or ASO.

Business insurance

As a business owner you have enough on your mind without having to worry about your insurance needs. You want to know that your business and your practice is covered, and by someone who understands the specific needs of a pharmacy.

Whether covering your building, the contents, your employees, liability to your patients and customers, pharmacies have needs that other businesses may not. We can help design a protection program that’s right for you.

GPhA has the following types of business insurance products available:

Personal insurance and financial products

GPhA’s personal insurance products provide our members with protection for their homes, automobiles, and personal possessions, along with personal liability coverages.

Check out our plans before you sign up with another company — you might be surprised at the rates and service we can provide!

GPhA offers the following types of personal insurance protection:

  • Auto, motorcycle, boat & marine, personal watercraft
  • Homeowners, renters, and condominium
  • Earthquake, flood
  • Personal umbrella
  • Travel
  • Valuable-items coverage

We also offer a student loan refinancing through SoFi, with GPhA members getting an even better rate — see for details.

For any questions about GPhA insurance products, contact Denis Mucha, our manager of member services, at or (404) 419-8120. He can explain the details, help you choose the right kinds of policy, and provide all the information you need.

Forms, info, and documents to download

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia medical coverage plans

For employers (and employees) to see the PEO/ASO options. Does not include pricing.