The Georgia Pharmacy Association

Pharmacist Advocacy Teams

GPhA’s 2017 legislative priorities will affect the lives of thousands of your patients. So how do we help legislators understand our legislation?

Answer: We bring YOU to the Capitol.

Through GPhA’s Pharmacist Advocacy Team program, groups of eight to 12 pharmacists agree to come to Atlanta to on an assigned weekday to meet with legislators and brief them on the medication access/affordability challenges your patients are facing. In their white coats, they’ll work the halls of the legislature for half a day, serving as passionate and informed grassroots advocates for GPhA’s legislation.

We provide all the support you need: talking points, strategy coaching, and a game plan of which legislators to visit and which key committee they’re on. We’ll make it easy to have a conversation about a subject you’re already an expert on with someone whose job it is to listen to you … and vote in your favor.

Signing up is easy. Simply choose a date below and click on the button to go to the registration form.

If we want the legislature to listen to pharmacists, we need to be there. In person – because as a constituent, you can help seal a legislator’s support. Sign up now and make a difference.

Got questions about Pharmacists at the Capitol? Contact Greg Reybold at or (404) 419-8118.