The Georgia Pharmacy Association

GPhA Practice Academies

GPhA represents pharmacists from every practice setting, as well as pharmacy school students, academicians and pharmacy technicians.

Whether you work at a pharmacy or own it, work for a hospital, health system, chain, or independent, GPhA realizes that each practice setting has different needs. That’s why we have practice academies.

Soon after you join GPhA, we’ll assign you to an academy. (If for some reason we get it wrong, you can click here to login and edit your GPhA profile — scroll down to “Academy” and choose yours.)

Be sure to visit your academy’s page (see below) and get in touch to find out how to get involved. How simple is that?

The academies

Academy of Clinical and Health-System Pharmacists (ACHP): Representing pharmacists practicing in consulting areas, including hospitals, home health, nursing homes and other clinical entities.

Academy of Employee Pharmacists (AEP): Representing pharmacists employed in various practice settings throughout the profession, including chain pharmacies and independents.

Academy of Independent Pharmacy (AIP): Serving the needs of independent pharmacies and their owners while promoting the value of independent pharmacy to the patients of Georgia.